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20 Legit Ways to Get Free Clothes (Online and Locally)

20 Legit Ways to Get Free Clothes (Online and Locally)

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New clothes can be incredibly expensive. And refreshing your wardrobe takes money away from other budget items you would rather spend your money on.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get free clothes?

The good news is that there are several ways you can get free clothes online. 

In this article, we will go into detail on 20 ways you can get free clothes online.

20 Simple Ways to Get Free Clothes from Companies

We have broken down the methods you can use to get free clothes online into three main groups.

First up are the secondhand marketplaces where people buy and sell clothing they no longer need. While most of the items on secondhand clothing sites do cost money, there is usually a decent selection of clothing that people want to get rid of for free. If you check sites like these frequently, you may unearth some great no-cost items.

The second method you can use to get free clothes is accruing points and using them to buy the things you need. You can get and accumulate  points by signing up for loyalty and referral programs, taking advantage of cash back offers, using a credit card, or performing simple tasks online. The advantage of points is that you can spend them on exactly what  you want.

The third and final way to get free clothes is through samples. Before companies release new products, they need people to test them. Signing up to websites that link companies with testers is an excellent way to get items at no cost.

1.      Earn Rewards Points

There are plenty of sites that allow you to earn rewards points online by completing simple tasks, such as filling out surveys or watching videos. You can exchange these points for cash or gift vouchers, and then spend them on clothes. Some effort is required to earn the points, but it’s a way to get clothes without spending any of your own cash.

The tasks are not high-paying, and it can take time to earn enough points. If you are consistent, you can earn enough money to buy new clothes each month. You can also try maximizing your earnings by signing up to multiple sites.

The primary advantage of this method of getting free clothes is that once you have the points, you are free to spend them on whatever you’d like. You can also perform most of the tasks anywhere if you have a phone or a laptop.

Following are three of the best sites for earning rewards points.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is one of the most popular survey sites in the United States and Canada. You basically complete online surveys in exchange for rewards including cash and gift cards. You get a $1 welcome bonus when you sign up.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is an online survey site that allows its user to complete surveys in exchange for rewards including gift cards and cash.

Promotion: $1 Welcome Bonus

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Swagbucks has plenty of options to help you earn, including taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and even searching the Web. Plus, the site provides access to coupons you can use to get discounts when it’s time to buy.


InboxDollars lets users earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and shopping. The platform is easy to sign up to, and surveys pay up to $5. You can also get a $5 bonus just for signing up. Users of this site must have at least $30 saved before they can withdraw funds.

Survey Junkie

As its name suggests, Survey Junkie lets you earn reward points by taking surveys. Once you reach 500 points, you can swap the points for PayPal credit, gift cards, or even bank transfer if you are in the U.S.

2.      Get Clothing Samples from Tryspree

Tryspree makes applying for free samples easy. The platform isn’t solely based around clothes, but you can find apparel to test.

It’s free to use the website and browse the available offers. Signing up to the site will enable one-click applications, which lets you apply for freebies simply by clicking a button —or you can go through each offer to apply on the website.  

You should note that some of the offers require you to fill out a survey, and some offers only send samples to people who qualify. Check the terms and conditions before applying.

3.      Redeem Cash Back Rewards

Cash back rewards are another great way to get free clothes. Just sign up to one of the services we’ve listed below to begin collecting points whenever you make a qualifying purchase. Once you have enough points, you can swap them for cash or gift cards to spend on clothes.

These services are a great way to earn extra money when you shop. Be sure to pair them with loyalty programs (where available) to increase your earnings.

One advantage of these platforms is that you can earn cash back without having to sign up for a credit card.


Rakuten pays up to 40% cash back and is available at over 2,500 stores. You can either shop online by clicking through the company’s links, or in-store by downloading the app, selecting an offer, and then linking your credit or debit card.


A free online platform that offers cash back rewards when you shop at retail partners. There are currently more than 2500 stores available.

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Ibotta lets you earn cash back on both online and offline purchases. When shopping on the Web, just click through the company’s links to earn cash back. When in a store, either use “Pay with Ibotta” or submit your receipts after you’ve made your purchase. Ibotta provides up to 10% cash back at over 50 national retailers. You can search for nearby participating stores within the app.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch rewards allows you to earn gift cards and rewards while grocery shopping. You basically scan your grocery receipts, you earn points and then exchange those points for gift cards. You can get gift cards from big North American retailers.

4.      Join Referral Programs

Referral programs reward you for recommending a service to people you know. If someone signs up to a service you recommended and then makes a purchase, you earn store credit or cash.

It’s a win-win situation — the company gets a new customer, you get a reward, and the person being referred gets to find out about a cool new service. Below, we’ve listed five clothes-based referral programs.


ThredUp is an online consignment and thrift store for secondhand clothes. The company pays its customers referral credit when a new member signs up using their referral link and makes their first order. Users can earn up to $580 per year. The items on the site are affordable, which means your rewards can go far.’s refer-a-friend program pays you $10 in credit every time someone you recommend makes a purchase. You can use the money you save up to buy clothes on the platform.

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is a platform that lets users rent clothing. You’ll receive $30 when a friend you refer makes their first order. The friend also gets $30 off their first rental.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix provides personal shopping and style recommendations to users. Stitch Fix customers who refer friends can earn up to $599 each calendar year.

Rue La La

Discount fashion seller Rue La La’s refer-a-friend program gives members $10 in credit when the member’s friend’s first order ships. You can introduce unlimited people, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to get free clothes. Rue La La has a lot of affordable items, so you won’t need to make many referrals before you can buy.

5.      Get Free Athletic Clothing

Athletic brands are always releasing new apparel to help give athletes an edge. Each product needs to go through rigorous testing to see if it is effective and can withstand the rigors of training. This provides an opportunity for people to become testers for these companies.

All the brands we’ve listed below have an official product testing service that you can apply for. If you are accepted into the program, the company will send you items to wear for a specified amount of time.

During wearing of the clothes and post-use, you typically have to answer questions about the product so the company can get an understanding of how it performs. Unfortunately, you’ll often have to send the item back at the end of the trial so the company can complete testing of the product for wear (though this isn’t always the case).

During the application process, you’ll typically fill out demographic information and data about the type of gear you want to test. The downside is that not everyone gets accepted into the program. Of course, people who regularly participate in a sport are more likely to meet the requirements in this case.

Check the categories below for more information about each program.

Nike Product Testing

If you are into sports, consider applying to Nike Product Testing. Nike will send you free clothes and shoes in exchange for  a review. To apply to be a Nike tester, email the addresses at this link.   

Reebok Product Testing

Reebok testers test a product for a specified amount of time each week during the test period. They have to keep a daily activity log and answer a questionnaire at the end. Sign up here.

Reebok Product Tester How it Works

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Adidas Product Testing

The Adidas program has the same rules as the Reebok program,  except it’s also open in Europe. Find out more here.

Under Armor Product Testing

Under Armour is yet another reputable sporting clothes company. It’s worth checking out their testing program. Sign up for the Under Armor testing portal at this link.

Saucony Product Testing

Do you like running? Why not apply to the Saucony Product Testing program to get free running shoes? Saucony has a questionnaire on its website you can use to apply to be a running shoe tester.

6.      Use Facebook Groups

Many local areas have Facebook groups where people buy and sell used clothes. People who want to get rid of clothes quickly will often post clothes to accept for free, making these groups an excellent place to get free clothes.                                                                                            

Facebook groups also typically have lots of items on sale at a low price, making them an all-around great source to refresh your wardrobe. The downside is that you’ll often have to meet up with the people who are giving away items, which can be time-consuming.

7.      Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a social media platform for groups in  local areas. The communities on the site help with a variety of local needs, and include information about clothing sales or giveaways. The usefulness of Nextdoor as a place for free clothes will depend on whether there is an active community in your area. To check, head over to the website and search for your street address.

8.      Turn Receipts Into Cash

ReceiptPal and Checkout 51 are cash back programs that let you earn by uploading images of your receipts to their apps. You can then take the cash back rewards and spend them on clothes.

While it can take time to save up enough points, using these apps is essentially a way to get free money — assuming you only buy things you were already going to buy.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 gives you cashback on purchases at partner shops or when you buy certain products. You can check out the site’s offers page to see a list of available cash back deals. At the time of writing, you can get money back from brands such as Walmart, Costco, Pringles, Del Monte, and many more.

Checkout51 How it Works

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ReceiptPal gives you cash back every time you shop. To use the service, just download the app and upload images of your receipt after you go shopping.

9.      Use Your Credit Card Points

Using a credit card to collect points is a highly effective way to get cash back. Just choose a credit card that grants you points at the shops you already spend at, and then, spend the points on clothes.

Credit cards often have significant bonuses for signing up, so be sure to check out all the options. Additionally, some clothes shops and department stores — such as Gap, Macy’s, and Nordstrom—have credit cards that provide perks and offers for people who use the card in-store.

10. Join Store Loyalty Programs

If you don’t want to get a credit card but still want to get points on purchases, consider joining store loyalty programs. These will typically let you collect points on purchases, and then you can spend these points on clothes. They may also give you access to exclusive offers and discounts.

11.  Check Out OfferUp’s Free Section

OfferUp is an online secondhand marketplace. There are plenty of people giving away free things on the platform, including clothes.

The great thing about OfferUp is that you can filter the products so you only see free clothes. Do this by narrowing the section down to “clothing and shoes” and then set the minimum and maximum price to zero. Anything in this section should be completely free, although there may be a small fee for shipping.


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12.  Check Out LetGo’s Free Section

LetGo is another secondhand marketplace with plenty of things available for free, including clothes. Check the link here to see items in your area.

13.  Check Out Craigslist

Craigslist is an excellent place to pick up free apparel. Just head to the “Clothing and Accessories” section in your local area and set the minimum and maximum price to zero to see what’s available.

One issue you may run into  is that people often set the price at zero (or forget to set a price) and then add the actual cost in the description. (This means that some things listed as free cost money.)

14. Test Clothes at Testzon

Testzon is a site that provides access to free samples. It occasionally has clothing that you can apply to test out. (At the time of writing, the selection was limited to novelty items and socks.) In exchange for testing a product, you typically have to complete a task, such as writing a review on Amazon.

15. Visit Garage Sales

When people hold garage sales, they often give away lower-priced items or things they are struggling to get rid of. Even if you don’t find anything for free, you may still be able to find some really good bargains.

To find garage sales, keep an eye out for signs in your area and posts on relevant Facebook groups, and check classifieds listings on Craigslist and in the local press.

16. Check out is a non-profit that encourages people to give away their unloved items rather than throw them in the trash. The site has a large community, but how useful it is to you will depend on how active it is in your area. Head over to the website and search for groups near you to find out.

17. Sell Unwanted Stuff

This isn’t technically getting free clothes, but selling things you don’t need can be a quick and easy way to get money to spend on clothes. There are many ways you can sell your stuff. Facebook, Craigslist, and some of the secondhand marketplaces listed above are good places to start.

Another option is to sell tech you no longer use, such as smartphones or tablets. The site mentioned below is an easy way to do this.


Decluttr makes it quick and easy to sell your secondhand tech products. All you have to do is head over to the website and search for the gadgets you want to sell to get an instant valuation. Shipping is free, and the great thing is that the company pays you the day after it receives your item.

You may be able to get more money by selling your phone directly to a customer. However, Decluttr is easy to use, and the company says it pays more than what carriers offer when you trade in your phone.


Looking to make quick cash or just to declutter? Sell your stuff with Decluttr — anything from phones, CDs, DVDs, games, tablets and much more!

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18. Financial Assistance

There are programs throughout the U.S. that help people who struggle to afford clothes they need. The exact programs or organizations that can help you will depend on where you are located. The website Need Help Paying Bills has a ton of information about how you can get free clothes in many areas.

19. Swap Clothes

This option might require a bit of organization on your behalf, but why not organize a clothes swap with your friends, family, or people in your area? The idea is simple — everyone you invite brings the clothes they no longer need, and the participants then swap their clothes. On top of being a good way to refresh your wardrobe, clothes swaps are a fun social event.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, you should set up some rules beforehand, such as stipulating that clothes must be in good condition, or everyone needs to bring a set number of items. (Here is a more in-depth guide about how to organize a clothes swap.)

20.  Clothes Giveaways

Companies sometimes run competitions where you can win free clothes. The issue is that it can be hard to find these giveaways before they end. 

One way to stay up-to-date is to search on Google for “clothing giveaway” and then set the conditions to only show search results from the past 24 hours. You can do this by clicking “Tools” and then changing the drop-down menu from “Any Time” to “Past 24 Hours.” This will show you all the pages containing the words “clothing giveaway” that have been published in the past 24 hours.

Alternatively, you could set up a Google alert for the term so that Google emails you whenever a relevant article gets published. Do so by following the instructions at this link.

Final Thoughts

The above list shows there are plenty of ways to get free clothes. The quickest action you can take is to check secondhand marketplaces and Facebook Groups. Usually, all it takes to get a free item from one of these sources is getting in touch with the owner and arranging a meetup. The downside to this is that your clothing choices are limited to what other people want to give away. If you want more options,  then collecting points via cash back — or by filling in surveys and then converting the points into cash back — will allow you to buy whatever item you want. The drawback with this option is that it can take longer to accrue points, and you’ll either have to spend time either performing tasks or spending money to get the points.

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