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Alejandro is a financial writer with over 7 years of experience in financial management and financial analysis. He writes technical content about economics, finance, investments, and real estate and has also assisted financial businesses in building their digital marketing strategy. His favorite topics are value investing and financial analysis.

Alejandro’s work can be seen on LearnBonds, Capital.com, BuyShares and other major financial publications. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Technológica del Centro in Venezuela and a master’s degree in Finance from EUDE Business School in Spain.

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How to Invest $1000

15 Ways to Invest $1,000 in 2021

The good thing about investing is that nowadays you don’t need a lot of capital to get started. In fact, $1,000 is a good start.

Best Roth IRA Account

12 Best Roth IRA Accounts of 2021

A Roth IRA account is an excellent tool to help you save for retirement as your after-tax contributions grow tax-free.

12 Best IRA Accounts

12 Best IRA Accounts of 2021

An IRA account is an excellent tool to supplement your savings in your employer-sponsored retirement plan.

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