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14 Best Places to Take Paid Online Surveys: Make an Extra $500 a Month

How to Make $500 a Month with Paid Online Surveys: Is it Legit?

The Modest Wallet is a free digital publication delivering its readers simple personal finance solutions. We regularly partner with brands that have products and services that will help our readers. Some of the links in this post are from our partners. How we make money.

Want to make money by filling out paid online surveys from your couch? We have discussed previously the possibility of making money by completing surveys but very few people are able to hit the jackpot since most are never able to find sites that pay real money.

We understand your concerns. A lot of sites that promise to pay money are a scam. This is why it is important to be careful.

Worry not, we have done all the homework for you. Given below are fourteen sites that pay real money for completing surveys.

Best Paid Online Survey Sites

Swagbucks: Best For Users With a Lot of Free Time

If you’re looking for a paid online survey site that offers a bit more than just traditional surveys then give Swagbucks a try. Since it offers several ways to earn money, you might end up spending a lot of time on the platform.

The whole program is based around a well-detailed rewards points system that awards you based on your performance. You can convert these points, known as Swagbucks, into PayPal money or gift cards. Plus, there is also a $5 signup bonus for new players. 

To a large extent, Swagbucks’ popularity is mainly due to its reliability. It offers several ways of earning rewards – these include watching videos and playing games. 

The average survey on the platform takes only about 10 minutes to complete. New polls and surveys are added everyday, however you may not be eligible to take part in each and every poll or survey since the company assigns surveys/polls based on your profile. This can be a bit disappointing for some users.

Another plus of using Swagbucks is its affiliate program that pays you a part of the commission when you purchase through the site. Plus, you can also earn up to 5% cashback on certain purchases.

Additionally, the site also allows you to monetize on your internet searches. Now there is a catch here, you’d need to switch from the more traditional browsers like Safari or Google to a Swagbucks search engine. Their own search engine runs on Yahoo and Swagbucks will pay you for every search. However, the money may not be much.

Lastly, the website has its own streaming channel as well where you can watch advertising videos on selected topics including fitness, entertainment, etc. They do cap your earnings at 150 SwagBucks per view which isn’t much, but it’s still worth a try as some videos can be quite exciting.


  • Several ways to earn money.
  • You can save money by shopping through the platform.
  • New surveys and polls are posted everyday.


  • Can be a bit addictive.
Paid Online Surveys: Swagbucks

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Springboard America: The One that Pays a Lot

If you want to make a lot of money then look no further. Springboard America is among the highest paying survey sites out there. 

The average survey on the platform pays $30. However, you will find some online surveys that pay up to $50 but may take about 90 minutes to complete. Most such surveys are niche oriented and you will need to be very careful when selecting responses. 

However, there are some shorter surveys as well. They pay about $10 and will take only about 30 minutes to complete. 

The platform follows a points system. You can redeem points once you hit the 5,000 mark, which equals to $50. You will get rewards via email within 7 days of redeeming points. You may choose to opt for a gift card, donate the amount, or withdraw to a virtual or physical Visa card.


  • High paying surveys.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • The interface is very easy to use.


  • Only a limited number of surveys are available.

Vindale Research: Best for Testing Products and Services

This is like the Rolls Royce of survey sites, Vindale Research is among the oldest and longest-running paid online survey sites out there with a long list of loyal and regular users.

Vindale is based in New York and is known to be quite easy to use. Back in the day, it offered evaluations in addition to surveys. However, the company no longer sends products. The feature was removed a few years ago. 

The platform is free to join and surveys pay between $1 and $5 each. The surveys are about a variety of niches including home improvement, technology, food, travel, shopping, health and beauty, and sports. Some political surveys are also found on the site.

You will get a $1 sign up bonus. Other than this, you can earn by:

  • Watching videos emailed to you
  • Sharing photos on the platform to earn $5 every time you get paid
  • Opening emails sent by the platform
  • Finding reward codes to convert into gifts or cash

In addition to this, there is also a referral program. You will earn a specified amount for referring friends to the platform. However, certain methods to earn money may not be available for all users. Join the website today to see your options.

Note: Vindale Research has joined hands with several third-party sites and you may often get redirected to a different site to complete a survey. Do not get worried if it happens. The websites are safe and reliable, although such surveys may take longer to get credited due to the involvement of third-party sites.


  • The platform is very easy to use.
  • Several ways to earn money.
  • A huge number of surveys.


  • Some surveys take weeks to get credited to your account.

PrizeRebel: Best for Fans of Cryptos

‎If you want to get paid in Bitcoin then PrizeRebel can be a reliable option. With over 9 years in business, it is quite a reliable platform to make money online. 

PrizeRebel offers daily challenges and extra points as rewards. You can redeem points for gift cards and cash. It offers gift cards for some major stores including Amazon, eBay, and Steam. Plus, the minimum amount is only $10. Hence, you will not have to wait weeks to get paid.

If you ever feel demotivated, have a look at the stats on the official page. You will know how much has been paid ‘today' to give you the push you need to keep going. 

There is also a referral system but there isn't sufficient information on how much each referral pays. Lastly, the platform holds raffles, contests, and lucky draws as well. You will end up making a lot of money if luck is on your side.


  • A wide range of gift cards.
  • The minimum payout is only $10.
  • You can withdraw in Bitcoin.


  • Some details are missing.
PrizeRebel: Best for Crypto Fans

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iSurvey World: Best for Users in a Hurry

iSurvey is different from other sites as it only offers surveys related to its own services or the clients it works with.

The platform offers a $5 sign up bonus to all new users. Most surveys are short and only take between 15 and 20 minutes. Each survey pays about $4 on average but some may pay more or less. You can withdraw funds using PayPal.

The more active you are on the site, the more opportunities you will get to make money as you’ll often receive emails regarding new surveys that may not be visible on the site.

Plus, remember to never sign up for more accounts as the company may terminate ALL your accounts if you are found running multiple accounts from the same computer/IP address. Moreover, the company may request that you submit documents as proof of identity. 


  • Available in multiple languages including English and Spanish.
  • The interface is very easy.
  • Minimum cashout limit is only $25 via PayPal.
  • Good for people who want to only spend 15-20 mins per day on surveys.


  • Completed surveys can take up to 4 weeks to appear in the account.

InboxDollars: Best For Cash Payments

If you want to use a site that offers several options to make money with surveys then InboxDollars is the one. It offers a wide range of surveys including short and long surveys. In addition to this, you can also make money by browsing the web if you use InboxDollars’ search engine tool. Also, you can earn a share of commission or cashback if you shop through the platform. 

Unlike most other sites on the list, this one pays directly in cash. There is no need to keep a tab on your points and converting them into cash. You will get directly paid in cash which you can deposit to your account. 

You get paid $5 just for signing up. The interface is very easy to use. However, the website may not work outside of the US as it currently does not accept international users.


  • You get paid in cash.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Several ways to earn money.


  • Not for international users.

GlobalTestMarket: Best for Mobile Users

In 2016 GlobalTestMarket paid out 30 million dollars and the number has only grown since then. 

The platform promises to offer ‘a rewarding experience’ and it has been quite successful in doing so.

It is one of the most professional websites out there. It's free to join and most surveys are quite fun and interesting. According to the company, it's the #1 paid survey website with millions of users.

You will be asked to select your country and preferences when you make an account. The company will assign suitable surveys based on your preferences, hence be careful when filling things out.

Most surveys are related to automobiles, movies, consumer products, restaurants, and current events.

Companies pay to gain information which they use for research purposes. Most surveys are short but there may be some complicated surveys which typically pay more.

Your personal information will not be shared by anyone. However, your opinions may help companies improve their products and services.

Plus, it also has its own mobile app available on the Play Store and App Store. The money making surveys app is very easy to use. You can set it to send you notifications whenever a new survey becomes available so that you never miss an opportunity to make money.


  • Very friendly staff.
  • A large number of surveys.
  • Excellent mobile app to make money with surveys.


  • Some information is missing.

SurveySavvy: Best for Regular Income

A great thing about SurveySavvy is that it allows you to choose from a variety of surveys. Most surveys are short and only take about 10 minutes to complete. 

You can become a VIP member by installing the app on your device, which will pay you $5 per month to use. It's available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.  


  • Short surveys.
  • There’s a mobile app to make money with surveys.


  • Customer service is poor.
SurveySavvy: Best for Regular Income

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Toluna: Offering Unique Surveys

Toluna is a popular market research company providing real-time insights. Available in over 70 countries, it currently has over 26 million members making it one of the largest platforms offering paid online surveys.

In addition to typical surveys, members get to test products and even take part in webcam surveys. The average survey pays between 15 to 50,000 points and the minimum payout is 30,000 points, which equals to $10.

Unlike other survey sites, Toluna has a minimum age limit of 18.


  • Multiple ways to earn money including gift cards, gifties, sweepstakes, and cash.
  • Quick processing time for gift cards and e-vouchers – about 1 week.


  • Sweepstakes are available in selected regions

Survey Junkie: For Quick Payments

Survey Junkie is available for anyone living in the US, Canada, or Australia and over the age of 13. Most surveys are short and only require 15 minutes to complete. But, be careful as questions can be difficult.

Once you start to use this website, you will realize how honest the makers are about the procedure and facts regarding online surveys. They do not promise to make you rich, but they promise to offer you a reliable way to earn extra cash.

The minimum payout is only $10, which is equal to 1,000 points. You can redeem points in the form of e-gift cards or cash through Dwolla or PayPal. Bank transfers are also available for US accounts. 

However, remember to keep your documents handy as the website requires that you verify your identity before redeeming points. In fact, you may have to do so everytime you opt for e-gift cards.


  • New surveys are posted every day.
  • Points are credited within 24 hours of completing a survey.


  • Limited number of surveys on mobile devices.

MyPoints: To Earn Daily Points

MyPoints is different as it is essentially a cashback site that offers up to 40% back with every purchase. It covers more than 2,000 top stores including Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy and Walmart.

In addition to completing surveys and shopping online, you can earn points by availing special deals posted regularly. They offer great discounts and points for completing special tasks.

Other than this, you can earn points by playing games and watching videos on the Daily Scoop mobile app found on both iOS and Android. Moreover, MyPoints is one of the few survey sites with a commendable affiliate program. You will get $2 for every successful sign up through your link. 

A sign up is said to be successful when the user earns 125 points by any means. The affiliate program is a massive success since MyPoints offers $10 to every new user. You will also get this bonus when you first sign up for a new account.


  • Several ways to earn money.
  • PayPal transfers are completed in less than a week.


  • Not all gift cards are valid in Canada.

Survey Club: Paying in Thousands

Survey Club has a large virtual presence as it is available in more than 6 countries and has over 16 million members.

However, it is currently only accepting members from the US, the UK, Australia and Canada. It's a research recruitment platform that helps organizations and companies know what consumers think about specific services and products. 

The platform mainly covers studies, hence the questions can be difficult at times. The good thing, however, is that companies are willing to pay a lot—up to $1,000 in some cases. But, you will only get access to surveys that fit your profile. For example, you will get medical surveys if you are a doctor. They are among the highest paying surveys on the platform. 

Avoid feeding false information regarding your experiences or education as poor responses can get you blocked. The platform currently only offers gift cards and you must have at least $25 in order to redeem the amount.

Additionally, it also allows you to join focus groups. This gig pays between $50 and $200 per hour. However, you may have to travel short distances in order to take part in such groups.


  • Some surveys pay a lot.
  • You can take part in focus groups.


  • Surveys can be difficult and lengthy.
Survey Club: Paying Thousands

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OneOpinion: Where Your Opinion Matters

OneOpinion is one of the better paying survey sites out there. Most surveys are small and will only take a maximum of 30 minutes to complete, paying up to $15. However, you will also come across some very short surveys that pay $1 and only take 5 minutes to complete.

You need a minimum of 25,000 points ($25) to redeem them. You can opt to get paid via PayPal or your Visa prepaid card. 


  • Excellent customer support.
  • Most surveys are short.


  • Only one way to earn money.

Harris Poll Online: Get Heard by Important People

Better Business Bureau gave Harris Poll a score of A+ which shows how reliable it is.

You need to be at least 13 years of age if you are in the US. The age limit for other countries is 14. The sign up process is simple and will not take long. However, get ready to answer some personal questions once you’re inside the membership area.

There are a variety of surveys on the platform most taking between 5 and 25 minutes to complete. You need to gather at least 1,250 points before you can redeem them. This equals to $10, however you cannot convert points into cash. Your only option is to opt for gift vouchers and e-cards from stores like Starbucks, Walmart, ESPN and Amazon.


  • You will find a huge variety of surveys including religion, music, and politics.
  • Available in a lot of countries.


  • Offers only 4-5 surveys per month.

How Can I Maximize My Earnings?

Here are some tips:

  • Join multiple platforms so you never miss out on surveys that pay well. Also, make sure to turn on notifications to get regular updates regarding the latest surveys.
  • Avoid using fake information when signing up for a new account as some websites may require you to submit identity documents.
  • Only consider this as a side hustle.
  • Do not take on surveys you know nothing about. They will take you longer to complete.
  • Some companies may cancel surveys if you are not honest in your feedback. Hence, be careful when recording your answers so that you always get paid for your time and hard work.
  • Be sure to know all the relevant fees and charges. Also, always use the most ‘profitable’ method to withdraw money.
  • Do not leave your money sitting in the wallet for too long as some websites are known to delete unused accounts. 

FAQs about Paid Online Surveys

Is it a Legitimate Way to Make Money?

Yes, paid online survey sites do pay real money but it can never substitute for your full-time income. Even if you join a site that pays well, you will only make about $500 per month.

While some sites offer very high rates—up to $1000 per survey—such high paying surveys are very rare and only available for users with a specific profile.

However, make sure to opt for a website that is legitimate and safe since there are a number of survey sites that do not pay. They are scams and will result in a waste of time. 

Other than this, some sites do not pay cash and only offer rewards in the form of gift cards and vouchers, so choose your platform carefully.

Can I Actually Make Money?

Yes, you can make money but do not expect to make a lot of money completing paid online surveys. Also, surveys do not pay a fixed income. 

The amount of money you make will depend on the number of hours you devote to completing surveys. 

Moreover, remember that it may take up to a month for cash to reach your account. Hence, be patient and go through the policies in detail so that you know what you are taking on. 

How Much Money Can I Make?

As mentioned earlier, there is no fixed salary when it comes to completing paid online surveys. On average you will make $10 per hour which equals to about $20 per day if you spend two hours completing surveys.

If you have a full-time job then you will not be able to spend more time responding to surveys. However, if you’re free then you may be able to put in more time into the job. But, remember that it may never be enough to pay your bills. Plus, the payment is also not guaranteed as your responses may get declined or you may get disqualified due to incomplete details or false information.

Make Money with Paid Online Surveys

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How Do I Get Paid?

You will get paid when you hit the minimum threshold, which can be as high as $100 in some cases. It is best to opt for a platform that has a small threshold so that you don’t have to wait for months to reach it.

Different platforms offer different ways to get paid including Visa, PayPal, and bank transfers. It can take between 5 to 15 days to receive payment in your bank account. 

Bank transfers are the slowest and only available in a limited number of countries. Other than this, you can opt for gift cards and vouchers. They usually get approved within 5 days and can be utilized at specific online or physical stores.

What Kind of Questions Do I Need to Answer?

This changes from survey to survey. When you join a platform, you will have to complete a personal survey regarding your preferences and background. The platform will use your responses to prepare your profile which they will use to assign you surveys.

Once done, you will get to choose surveys in different niches including products and services. There may also be surveys related to politics, entertainment, health, and religion.

Final Thoughts

We have covered some of the best paid online survey sites to help you make money. Stick to these options as they have been tested to be reliable. Some of them pay cash but some may only offer rewards.

You can also check out our Make Money section for more legitimate ways to earn money online.

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